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Take a deep breath and let me help you discover how to reduce the clutter that's holding you back from the stress-free life you want.

Welcome to Harmonium. I hope some of the tips/posts here are helpful. Feel free to comment and ask questions.

“Out of Clutter, Find Simplicity" - Albert Einstein

Life Happens

You can't find your car keys (again), your son lost his left shoe, your significant other has been searching for the car title for a month and you'd get to that shopping if you could only find your list.

Every day life is stressful enough. Add that to the everyday busyness and fast-paced lives we lead and its a wonder we can find anything. Our living spaces can get overwhelmed with piles of clutter and we don't know where to start to bring back order. If coming home feels more like materializing in a war zone...Harmonium can help. Let's bring some harmony to the pandemonium!

I'll work with you to set up organizing systems that work for your lifestyle. Solutions that cut down your cleaning/straightening time, not only optimizing your space but hopefully helping you gain control over your living space. I can help you organize a closet, a room or an entire home. I also do "just moved in" unpacking and home set-up, downsizing and home staging.

Don't let clutter rob you of a peaceful, relaxing environment.

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