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Practically Perfect in Every Way

Updated: Sep 27, 2019

You pour over the Pinterest photos of neat as a pin cabinets and you sigh....a person can dream.

What is organized and by who's standard do we call a space organized? If your home was Pinterest perfect will it remain that way after your brother visits with his kids and two dogs, after you've been sick in bed for a week, after your dear friend from college spends a week on your couch? Organization has to work for you, to streamline your day, free your mind and let you truly enjoy your surroundings.

When my oldest daughter was younger she had a three story Barbie house complete with every accessory one could imagine for Barbie to lead a comfortable life. The teeny tiny pieces, lamps, cups and pictures, made me crazy. They were strewn across the bedroom floor and were frequent guests of my vacuum. One day I had a brilliant idea, or so I thought! My daughter came home after school and when I heard her shriek (I assumed of delight) I rushed to her room. She was sobbing as she realized I had glued all of Barbie's accessories in place. Lamps, firmly attached to tables, cups and plates readily set for she and Ken to dine. My daughter was horrified! My idea of organized was not her idea of organized. I don't think I've touched glue since....lesson learned.

We don't have to be picture perfect to be organized, we do live in our spaces but we can manage clutter by making sure everything has a home in our space, preferably not glued.

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