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Pack Rat Partner

Updated: Sep 2, 2019

I have a tote for everything and everyone. Due to numerous conventions, we have numerous totes. “You never know”, he says… I do.

I know I’ll never need fifty of them. I live with a pack rat. In the past this was a cause for contention but I’ve learned how not to let his collections bother me. Organization, that’s key. The solution has to work for everyone but with some guidelines everything can be organized. Even totes.

Everyone needs some of their own space, by that I mean a place where their “stuff” can reside. This can be difficult in small dwellings but it is doable. In larger areas with ample storage the problem is how, not where. My partner also has a magic trick collection (he’s an amateur magician for fun) that was stored in numerous boxes. The boxes were taking up ample storage space so he found a collection of rugged suitcase-like boxes to store them. They are not only neat and organized but look great displayed on the shelves.

It’s hard to let go of things that give you pleasure, hold great memories or are part of your past. Sometimes it's just taking the time to understand the reason we hold on to certain items. That realization may bring us to the possibility of letting those items go.We have to ask ourselves, do they deserve the space they're taking up?

There are also many ways to display or store collections if you decide to hold onto things that bring you pleasure. for example, I've enlisted one of my ridiculously talented sisters to sew something out of my partners numerous t-shirt collection, maybe a quilt, a wall hanging....more totes, cause you never know.

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