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One Flu Over the Cuckoos Nest

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

While the flu has confined me to my bed..... first to save my SO from this illicit illness and second to regain some remnant of my former energy, I began to think about first aid kits. Mainly because as I could feel my temperature rise, I searched the house like a crazy person only to realize... I don't own a thermometer.

Now, you don't want to be panicking when you get that grease burn or when your little daredevil falls off the swing or when you realize your husband could have been stretching the truth about his expertise with power tools. You'll want to be ready for life's big and little emergencies. A well organized First Aid Kit is essential in any home, it should be handy but out of reach of small children. Every First Aid Kit should have a list of emergency numbers such as each family member's doctor's numbers, poison control, and the vet's number if you have a pet.

Include in your kit the following items: adhesive bandages of various sizes, a couple of absorbent compress dressings, self-adherent bandages, antiseptic spray or wipes, antibiotic ointment, hydrocortisone cream, adhesive cloth tape, medical face masks, ace bandage, CPR breathing barrier, non-latex gloves, instant cold compress, sterile gauze roll, sterile gauze pads in various sizes, aspirin, antihistamine for allergic reactions, sterile eyewash, tweezers, scissors, thermometer, a flashlight/penlight, and a first aid manual. If there are elderly in your home, you should also add transparent film dressings (such as Tegaderm), paper tape, butterfly closures, and non-stick gauze pads. These items are less likely to irritate delicate skin. Check your supplies every three months and make sure emergency phone numbers are up to date.

Don't be caught off guard with an outdated bottle of antihistamine when you finally find out where those bees are coming from. Don't be searching for a bandaid at the bottom of last summer's beach bag, or realize (as you're shaking just like your first and last polar plunge experience) that you do not own a thermometer.... and you probably have the flu.

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