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Its My Party and I’ll Cry if I Want Too

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

Long after the day has past, the pictures are filed (or not), the thank-you’s sent and life is back to the daily grind, the event lingers. A good event will stay in your memory forever, longer than the gifts and maybe longer than some of the party guests.

My first party organizing experience was a birthday party for one of my younger sisters. I meticulously planned a fabulous celebration with balloons, cake, the whole shebang. My mother was at work and though I was young, I thought I could handle a large group of ten-year-olds. Everything was fantastic until…. SLIME! One of the boys gave my sister Slime for her birthday. Chaos ensued as boys were against girls, girls against boys, everyone chasing each other with gobs of the gooey green substance. Then it happened, one wrong move and a glob landed on the WOOL carpet…. WOOL carpet. I met my surprised mother at the door, I quickly flew past her, my young legs not stopping for multiple blocks.

There are a million reasons to celebrate, some are a celebration with quiet special moments and some are life altering occasions; all are important. With event planning come many stresses, what if it rains, what if the food doesn’t show, what if the DJ drinks too much, what if Aunt Marge won’t attend unless she is seated well away from Aunt Judy, what if they send a clown instead of superman, what if they bring slime????

The advantage of hiring an event coordinator is that after the initial decisions are made, the coordinator makes sure your event runs smoothly. Four kids have peanut allergies…got it…caterers closed their business one month before your event….got it…holiday party is making you hate the holidays…got it…event transportation company never returns your calls…got it…Aunt Marge needs directions typed out and mailed to her… it.

Since my slime party days, I have coordinated numerous occasions, everything from weddings (including an international destination wedding), to showers, to birthdays (including a large, three- day 50th birthday party in Napa Valley). So, enjoy your occasion…. I got this.

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