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If the Shoe Fits

I like heels...a lot. Let’s be real though, I won’t be sporting the four and a half-inch heels anymore. Time to closet purge.

Time to let go of that fantastic bridesmaid dress your best friend swore you would wear again and won’t, and the matching shoes can also hit the donation box. How about that peacock teal blouse that you spent way too much money on that matches nothing? Or that “way-low” neckline dress you grabbed in a JLO moment that you won’t leave the house in? And let's talk about his high school prom ensemble with the puffy shirt, that definitely has to go, along with the navy Member’s Only jacket.

And how many sizes are currently taking up space in your closet? You know, the “just in case” clothes that can go either way, for when you overindulge at the holiday parties or you catch your kids’ stomach virus. Chances are that even if you get down to your high school size…you wouldn’t want to wear those high school jeans anyway. Find and keep what you look and feel fabulous in!

Just about everyone’s mother has warned them about holey underwear... should an accident occur and you’re rushed to the hospital. Are there some in your closet with a bit more ventilation than you need? And holey socks…who darns anymore? How many t-shirts are too many? If it's nostalgic (from your honeymoon in Vegas) keep it, preferably packed in your memorabilia box. For all the rest, it's time to open up some real estate in your closet and purge the uglies.

Time to let it go… let it go…. let it go….

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