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Holiday Presence

T’was the weeks before Christmas and all through the house was the still sound of sleeping (yeah, even your spouse). Your head has been pounding, stomach in a ball…you know you need one more full day at the mall. The cookies need baking, the tree still needs lights, how the heck can they all sleep so soundly tonight??!!??

The presents need wrapping, the ham needs a glaze…why do holidays make your head spin in a haze? You just need a plan, some lists in a pinch…so you breeze through the season without being a Grinch. Make a menu that’s easy, ask guests to bring food… don't worry, they won’t think your request is too rude.

Let the kids help wrap presents, they’ll bow and they’ll tape…it’s one of those tasks you can surely escape. Swap some cookies with friends, Betty Crocker won’t care…. then baking won’t bring on a state of despair. Your tree doesn’t need to be up for a prize… kids still love the effort; you can tell by their eyes.

Set the table beforehand, have a cocktail or two, remember what joy Christmas brought to the Who. When they had no more presents, no more trees or roast beast, they all knew that Christmas is more than a feast. So, don’t be all stressed out, don’t sweat the small stuff… be satisfied when your holidays just good enough.

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