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Ghosts of Holidays Past

It's nearly Halloween and of course, the countdown has begun for yet another holiday season. The shopping, the baking, cooking, decorating, parties, wrapping.....the stress!!! Whatever you celebrate, the "holiday" season (which seems to be as long as football season now) can cause undue anxiety. Maybe now is the time to get organized!

Are you dreaming of gingerbread houses and sugarplums (whatever those are), your antique turkey platter on your Thanksgiving table, your inflatable lawn pumpkins and skeleton lights, your family gathered around opening gifts on the big day? Or are you already not looking forward to squeezing in the plethora of new toys, searching for the Christmas cookie cutters and digging out the holiday silverware. Will you have holiday guests (you'll have to empty the guest room)? Can you find the decorations in the storage closet....and where is the dining room table???

Before the holiday anxiety hits, maybe its time to designate a space for guests. It could be time to go through the kid's toys and see if there are any outgrown, unused or broken ones. What about setting up your kitchen so holiday cooking and baking is a dream instead of a nightmare. A professional organizer can help. So while the rest of the world is schlepping their folding chairs from the basement, pawing through boxes of tangled twinkle lights and praying their holiday guests don't open closets or look under the guest bed, you can be sipping cocoa by the fireplace reading Martha Stewart.

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