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Get Packing

So you found the home of your dreams! Here are some helpful tips so your move doesn't become a nightmare.....

Start a large folder or box to keep all the important documents you will need for your move. This includes any real estate papers that are current and all papers from your original purchase (or lease/rental agreements), quotes for any repairs, insurance papers and any receipts for work done/upgrades and moving expenses.

Gather all warranties (if still applicable), user manuals and instruction guides for home systems, appliances, etc. that will stay with the house and put them together in a safe spot.

Declutter your home before you start packing! If you don't love it or have room for it, why pack it? Measure your new space and layout your rooms beforehand. Decide what will work in your new space and make sure everything you are taking has a space. Donate or sell what you are not keeping.

Purchase or collect moving supplies. Find a reputable moving company if needed and start packing items you are not using first, such as out of season clothes, decorative items, etc. Label, label, label!! Label contents directly on the box as you pack or create spreadsheets/lists of all the contents in each box corresponding with a number on each box. Mark all fragile boxes! Write down serial numbers of expensive items and appliances as they are packed. Tape all hardware to each item as you are disassembling it, everything will be much easier to put together.

Take photos!! Lots of photos. Take photos of the condition of the home (especially important with rentals). Take photos/videos of the connection arrangements on your electronic items, it will make unpacking and set-up much easier. Take photos of all of your valuables as they are packed in case they are damaged.

Contact all of your utility companies (water, gas, electric, etc.), your service companies (cleaning, pest control, alarm, lawn care, etc.) and schedule disconnect/reconnect dates or transfer of service address. Don't forget to change or update your address with everyone! Set dates to have services turned on in your new location.

Secure all important documents such as SS cards, passports, birth certificates, and other legal documents and gather health records and keep in a safe place for the move. Back up your phones and computers.

Set aside clothes, shoes, chargers, linens, coffee maker, hairdryer, essential cooking items, toiletries and anything that you will need right away in your new space. You don't want to be searching box after box looking for essentials.

Lastly, think of hiring help to organize your move. Remember, Harmonium is here to help declutter, organize and pack and also unpack and set up your new home. Happy Moving!!

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